5 Things every woman should know by 25

life lessons at 25

My 25th Birthday is on the horizon and I sure have learnt some life lessons at 25!

I have mixed feelings about this birthday, a part of me, the anxious let’s worry about everything part, is well and truly bricking it.

I know it’s just another birthday, but I can’t help but feel a little freaked out about it.

In my head I still feel like I’m 21, I still dress like my 21-year-old self did, well, apart from not living in sweatpants anymore due to the ‘inconvenience’ of having a real adult job and having to get dressed daily.

I like to think my beauty regime, make-up and general life choices have improved and I’m definitely better at working people out, learning the difference between a friend and an acquaintance has been truly beneficial.

But apart from that, I don’t feel like I should be 25 next. I still stutter when people ask me my age, I actually forget and reply with ’22’ on impulse.

Instead of sitting here and crying over the fact I am soon to become a ‘fully fledged adult’ I’ve decided to stay positive.

Although I’m not totally ready to stop ticking the 18-24 age box, I have learnt a lot this year and I thought I would share.

Here are 5 things every woman must know by 25….

1.. You don’t need to have your shit together

This is me, age 24 with my shit still not together
                                            This is me, age 24 with my shit still not together

As we reach our mid-twenties there is a lot of pressure on us to know exactly what we want from life.

The thing is, we don’t need to know this. Everything will work out regardless and trying to rush this process will cause unnecessary stress and worry.

Ok, you’re not married yet, you don’t have kids, you might not even know if you want them, that’s okay.

What I’m getting at is, its ok not to know. Take every day as it comes, make plans and have ambition, life goals are important but don’t stress the small stuff.

Nothing is going to happen to you if you don’t know every path you will take or every choice that you are going to make.

Life is an adventure, just enjoy the ride.

2.. Some friendships don’t last forever, others become stronger than ever

Best friends lifestyle

This one does sound a little sad, but it’s true. When a friendship hits a road block we can waste our time trying to mend something unmendable. (Is that even a word?)

Some friends are there for only certain stages of your lives – for instance when you are single and drinking £2 bottle of WKD from your local boozer.

People grow faster than others, what was once the highlight of your weekend might be replaced by other things and people can soon lose interest when it doesn’t suit anymore.

Don’t force it, life is too short. Focus on the friends that grow with you, the ones that want to spend time with you with no agenda.

Friendship shouldn’t have a sell by date and it most definitely, should have more substance than just a drinking weekend affair.

Keep the deep meaningful friendships, the rest? Don’t sweat it.

3.. Shots aren’t always a good idea

Shots lovealexandra

Ok, your 21-year-old self-loved it when a round of shot got passed around, sambuca anyone?

How about a tequila? But throw in a full-time job, a dog that needs walking and daily chores – that shot can end your life.

Ok, not literally but it is definitely not ideal having a 48-hour hangover from hell when the boss is wanting that report on Monday morning.

Learn your limits, drink more water and pace yourself. I mean why do hangovers now feel so crippling?

You will learn to appreciate a hangover free Sunday like you wouldn’t believe.

4.. Your parents are precious

Mother love

Ok we have always known this, but as you grow you start to understand how much they have done for you.

A bottle of Malbec and a takeout on a Friday night with your momma is so much more enjoyable than hitting the town.

Appreciate them, a lot, talk to them a lot – get to know them more than you already do – listen to their childhood stories, dreams and fears.

After all, who doesn’t want a best friend that loves them unconditionally, its time to treat them.

5..You can’t change a man


A man can only change himself.

The bottom line is, if he likes you he won’t leave you, you won’t need to try to get his attention he will offer it to you.

If you find yourself in the middle of a game with some dude – bin him. Stuck in an unhappy relationship? Call it off- if you allow yourself to be loved you won’t need to hold on to something that isn’t really there.

Better yet, date a guy that isn’t ‘your type’, he is probably better for you than the usual douche bags you go for.

You know what they say, learn from yesterday, life for today and hope for tomorrow.

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