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My name is Alexandra, as you may have already guessed.

Love Alexandra

Love Alexandra is a Manchester based lifestyle blog covering everything from travel, beauty, style to mothering my chihuahua pup Lily, who will pop up to say hello, occasionally.


I was born and still live on the outskirts of Manchester. I love having the busy city on my doorstep yet I get to wake up in the countryside surrounded by fields and sheep (literally sheep, I once woke up with one in my back garden – no lie.)

I graduated from University with a degree in journalism and media and I have always loved to write. This is why Love Alexandra was created, to provide me with a creative space to doodle.

The things I love

First and foremost I love Manchester and all it has to offer, this includes the various restaurants, cocktail bars and events going on. I enjoy the luxury of having such an incredible city on my doorstep and I take full advantage of this – pornstar martini in hand.

Travelling is another love, one I wish to dedicate more time to. With a limited amount of annual leave, my bucket list is getting ticked off slower than I’d like. Prague is without a doubt my favourite city and I’m looking forward to ticking off more beautiful European cities, one weekend at a time.

I’m also an avid animal lover, giving up eating meat in my early twenties, hoping to make better lifestyle choices including what I consume, the way I live and the products I buy.

I love animal-friendly products and the people that dedicate their lives to ethical causes. It provides me with hope and inspires me to be a better human. I’m not perfect, no, but that’s okay, I know I’m trying and to me that’s gold.

Lastly, let’s not forget my love for lipstick, as expensive as it is, the habit can not be shaken.


If you would like to find out more or would like to collaborate (including fellow bloggers) please do get in touch. You can drop me an email: alexandrajaneashton@gmail.com

Alternative you can find me on Twitter, here: @AlexandraJaneA

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