Easy Cocktail Recipes For Beginners

Cocktail ingredients

Knowing how to shake up a couple of simple, yet tasty cocktails can help transform your boring nights in. Forget Netflix and chill, these easy cocktail recipes for beginners are worth trying out next time you and your girls are having a night in.

Cocktails don’t have to always be sophisticated and mixed perfectly. As long as you have a sufficient amount of alcohol, fruit, juice and liqueurs, you can easily start getting creative. Either copying a recipe you found online, recreating a concoction from your favourite bar or simply mixing up your own using your favourite flavours and alcohol, anyone can master the art of cocktail making.

A friend and I recently decided to have a cocktail night before heading out to town. As beginners, we first decided to find some recipes online and follow the instructions to ensure they tasted how they are supposed to taste – with no nasty surprises. But after a couple of cocktails made by the books, we decided to get creative and competitive, hosting a ‘who can make the best cocktail’ competition, slightly half-cut! Surprisingly, some of them turned out amazing – if I do say so myself, so I thought I would share some the recipes we created with you guys.

Gin and Mint Surprise

cocktail making 3


1 part Gin

2 part Apple juice

2cm Cucumber

1 Squeeze of lime

2/3 Fresh mint leaves



  • Add the gin, apple juice and a squeeze of lime to a cocktail shaker (I used my Nutribullet)
  • Fill a martini glass with crushed ice and pour in the shaken mix.
  • Cut up the cucumber, as much as desired into cubes and add to the glass.
  • Add a slice of lime to the side of the glass and garnish with mint leaves (either floating on the top or cut up.)


Vanilla and Raspberry Whirl

Vanilla and raspberry cocktail


1 part Smirnoff vanilla vodka

1/2 part Galliano

1/2 part Orange juice

2 Raspberries



  • Add the vodka, galliano and orange to a cocktail shaker.
  • Fill a martini glass with crushed ice and pour in the shaken mix.
  • Add a raspberry to the side of the glass.


Passionfruit and Orange Martini

Easy cocktail recipes


2 part Vodka

1 part Orange juice

1/4 Lemon juice

1/2 Passionfruit

2/3 Fresh mint leaves



  • Add the vodka, orange juice, lemon juice to a cocktail shaker (I used my Nutribullet).
  • Fill a martini glass with crushed ice and pour in the shaken mix.
  • Cut a passion fruit in half and add it to to the glass, garnish with the mint leaves.



I recently came across some divine recipes I must try out on my next cocktail night, here are a couple that I think are work checking out:


And of course, my all time favourite cocktail has to go to the Pornstar Martini’s from Rosso restaurant in Manchester, I’d love to master the art of this tasty cocktail, but I think I may leave that to the experts! 

I hope these simple recipes have given you some inspiration to host your own cocktail night. xo


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