Which make-up brands don’t test on animals?

Make-up brands that are animal-friendly

The people that followed my old blog may have seen my infographic post that I created identifying the make-up brands that are animal-friendly according to PETA.

I’m currently in the process of making more ethical choices. I say ‘in the process’ due to the sheer amount of research that has to go into it. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the beauty/cosmetic products I buy, down to the washing powder I use on my clothes. It is truely eye opening, the harsh realities and exploitation of animals in the production of many well-known, everyday household products.

Although this is a process, I’m a firm believer that making small everyday changes makes a difference. This also makes it feel like less of a hefty job and more of an every step matters kind of shift. This is why I decided to start with beauty, cosmetics, and fashion, as these are all such significant parts of my life.

After extensive research, I was left feeling exhausted. This is when I had that lightbulb moment, ‘what if I made an easy visual guide? Would this make it easier for people to make better choices?’

Creating a visual resource meant it would only take a quick glance at the infographic to know if a particular brand is animal-friendly or not, like a go-to guide. I tried to include both the higher end products as well as some high street brands.

which make up brands dont test on animals

Check out the cosmetics that don’t test on animals above – you may be pleasantly surprised. Some fantastic brands made the list, including Illamasqua, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nars, Bare Minerals and Elf.

You may be worried that your favourite brands are not on this list, but please be aware this is not a full list. For more information and a cruelty-free brand search, head over to PETA.

I hope you guys have found this useful.xo

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